Welcome to my site!  I am Dr. Holly Barko, the author of this blog, and an anesthesiologist based in Dallas, Texas.  When not busy working in the operating room, I am traveling the world, collecting wine, and sampling foodie gems in my area and worldwide.  Although I suffer from incurable wanderlust, I try not to be a typical “tourist”.  Of course I will visit the important historical monuments, but my favorite thing of all is discovering small boutique hotels, family owned shops and “mom and pop” type restaurants that are off the beaten tourist path.  After all, these frequently are places adored by locals, and I want to see how the locals live and eat.  Also, I wish to support the small businesses of the world.  After all, if we are to elevate society, we must first elevate individuals, right? (Disclaimer: I have no financial relationships with the products or businesses mentioned in my blog unless explicitly stated.)

Travel can teach us so many things.  When you go away, you will appreciate what you have at home even more.  You will meet people from all over the world, learn their language, culture, and way of life.  This can make us better citizens of the world, and hopefully better stewards of this beautiful planet.  I wish to connect with you, share the adventure, and inspire you to make your own bucket list and begin checking off items one at a time.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me, and be inspired to find your own gems along the way!

Cheers 🙂


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